No Added Sugar Ice Cream

Here at Snugburys, we have developed a no added sugar natural ice cream with the taste and texture of a quality dairy ice cream.

This is a realistic and honest option for customers interested in reducing the amount of sugar in their diet.

With an increasing demand for natural healthy options in the UK, we have taken the opportunity to develop a cutting edge no added sugar real dairy ice cream, containing only natural ingredients.

As well as containing no added sugar our ice cream does not use aspartame or any artificial sweeteners. Two generous scoops (100 g) of our no added sugar ice cream contains 122 kcal and is 5.1% fat. With these health benefits and the taste profile of a really good quality dairy ice cream it is truly unique!

How can we make such a tasty ice cream using zero added sugar you may wonder?

Our No Added Sugar ice cream contains a blend of three completely natural sweeteners Xylitol, Orafti and Stevia.

  • Xylitol is naturally found in low concentrations in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables. Unlike other natural or synthetic sweeteners, xylitol is actively beneficial for dental health!
  • Orafti is also 100% natural and is derived from chicory root.
  • Stevia grows naturally on the Stevia plant - a remarkable non-caloric herb.

Should you have further questions on our ice cream, please do not hesitate to contact us

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