At Snugburys we love being creative and a little bit different!

For over 10 years, with the help of our great friend and talent Mike Harper Director of Harbook Engineering, we have been building amazing sculptures in our field which sits along side the A51 Chester Road.

What does this have to do with ice cream?? Well, not a lot, we just enjoy making them and love how much pleasure other people get from them!! Having said that, each year we have great fun making ice cream cones which look like our sculptures. These in turn help to raise money for a select charity.

  • Potter in. . .

    2016 marks 150 years since the birth of one of the world's best-loved children's authors Beatrix Potter.

    Our whole family (including our Gran) grew up listening to the stories of Peter and his friends, we therefore felt it was only fitting to dedicate this years straw sculpture to Beatrix Potter. 

    A few facts about straw Peter. . . . .

    ·     The girls at Snugburys and Mike Harper from Harbook Engineering have been working on the project since March this year.

    ·     In total around 1,000 man hours have been spent creating the feature.

    ·     The metal frame was fabricated by the talented team at Harbrook and a team of 10 ‘Snugburys stuffers’ worked on Peter’s fur and jacket. 

    ·    The inspiration for the blue jacket came from recycling the blue bags our packaging arrives in. We hand wove a thin layer of blue bags over the straw and we are really pleased with the outcome (With special thanks to Parkers Packaging for supplying the extra bags required!) 

    ·     The whole structure weighs in at an impressive 8 tonne.

    ·     Peter stands at 38 ft tall. With his 10 ft carrot and 10 ft ears!

    Snugburys 2016 charity. . . 

    This year we will be raising money for The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.

    Try one of our tasty hand-made chocolate carrots on your ice cream. All profits from the chocolate carrots will go to The Children's Adventure Farm Trust.

    The Children's Adventure Farm Trust are a Cheshire based charity, who provide a variety of programs for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the North West.

  • Howdy Partners!


    Our cowboy feature stood at over 20 feet tall. It was made of weather resistant Cor-ten steel, the same steel the Angel of the North is made from. It contained a small amount of copper, which formed a patina on the surface.

    The inspiration for the Cowboy came from our Dad (Chris’s) love of cowboy films! We thought it would be fun to recreate a great memory from our childhood.

    The Snugburys “Cowboy Cone”  helped raise over £1,800 for RDA (Riding for the Disabled)North West. There are 21 RDA groups in the NW and 500 across the UK, who with the help of volunteers enable in total over 30,000 people to ride or carriage drive each year.


    WHO saw our straw DaLICK?

    As many people know 2013 was the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who!

    We were inundated with suggestions to create something to celebrate this iconic event.

    After numerous discussions between the Sadler’s (Snugburys Family) and Mike Harper from Harbrook Engineering, we all decided a 35ft Dalek made from straw would look pretty cool!

    We believe it took around 700 man-hours to fabricate the steel frame, pack the straw and for the first time ever introduce moving parts and audio.

    The feature was made from approximately 6 tons of straw and 5 tons of steel.

    We created a ‘DaLICK’ ice cream cone, which along with other donations helped raise over £3,000 for Cancer Research UK!

  • In pursuit of great ice cream . . .

    Our 2012 Straw Feature was designed to represent British Olympians. In particular Great British Cycling Olympians - many of whom are based near Snugburys in the North West of England.  

    The plans started in early March 2012 and involved a trip to the Manchester Velodrome to do our research.

    FACTS - The full sculpture weighed in at an impressive 7 tons and was around 35 foot with the bike alone being 8ft high. It took 3 men 3 weeks to fabricate the steel and 4 people 2 weeks to stuff the straw. The ‘straw curve’ was designed to represent the velodrome and the measurements for the straw man were taken from cyclist Chris Moulson who trains at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.  

    PEOPLE TO THANK - Mike Harper’s incredible talent, the Harbrook Engineering team and the Snugburys Ice Cream straw stuffing team.

    SNUGBRUYS CHOSEN CHARITY 2012- we decided it would be fitting to support a group of local amateur cyclists

    A percentage of sales from our "OlympLICK Cones" raised over £2,500 for the cyclists and their charities - The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) and local hospices, Douglas Macmillan and St Luke’s.

  • Snugburys Polar Bear 2011

    In 2011 Cheshire was home to one very cool straw Polar Bear!

    Standing 38ft tall and weighing in at an impressive 9 tonnes, it took 3 tonnes of straw and over a month to complete

    Our 'Polar Bear Cones' supported The Children's Adventure Farm Trust.

  • Meerkat 2010

    Our Meerkat was thirty six feet tall, that’s 30 times bigger than his African cousins! He really did have his own personality as he proudly surveyed the Cheshire planes over summer 2010.

    Snugburys meerkat supported the Railway Children and over 2010/11 raised £2,880.

  • Big Ben 2009

    Big Ben was a BIG success...

    Our 2009 straw feature was built in celebration of the Westminster Clock Tower’s 150th birthday. Snugburys fully working and luminous clock helped to mark this fantastic anniversary. The Straw Big Ben even bumped its name sake out of the lime light - featuring on ITV’s news at 10! It was also seen on BBC, CNN news and many newspapers including the Daily Mail, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Sun, Express and Hello magazine. We also heard reports of sightings in Australia, China and South Africa!

  • WINDMILL 2008

  • DISH OF THE DAY 2007


    As 2007 was the 10 anniversary of our straw sculptures we held a competition to find inspiration for our creation. Our competition winner came up with this great idea – Dish of the day. Inspired by fifty years since the dawn of the space age and the construction of the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank!

    The Dish itself weighed in at over 6 tonnes and had a 32 foot diameter. The overall sculpture was forty five feet in height.

    See 'Dish of the Day' feature in the Telegraph Newspaper...

    See the winner in the Chronicle Newspaper feature here...

    Snugburys 'Dish of the day' supported the Kids Company charity


    Don't go Russian past.

    Snugnik featured in Hello magazine, The Chronicle and The Sentinel newspapers.

  • Millenium Wheel 2005

    Our steel and straw Millenium Wheel proved to be a huge success. It featured in Hello Magazine, Metro Magazine, The Farmers Guardian, Manchester Evening News, The Sunday Times and Funday Times.

    Chris was also interviewed by the BBC about the wheel and about the letter he received from David Marks the architect of the London Eye - Read more...

    Spot the difference? 

  • Angel from the North West 2004

    The Angel of the North West was a great success and supported Hope House.

  • Coneastrawus 2003

    A dinosaur again strides across the Cheshire plains. This Ice Cream eating Coneastrawus was conceived from an idea by Liz Considine and designed and fabricated by Michael Harper.

  • Cone-Wealth Games 2002

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