DaLICK - Who's for ice cream?

  • Snugburys DaLICK - Straw Dalek. Nantwich, Cheshire
  • Supporting Cancer Research UK. Deb Nowak with her Mother Pat Booth and Chris Sadler (Director of Snugburys).


WHO’s seen our straw DaLICK?

At the beginning of 2013 we were inundated with suggestions for straw creation. By far the most popular suggestion was a feature to celebrate the 50thAnniversary of Dr Who!

After a few discussions between the Sadler’s (Snugburys Family) and Mike Harper from Harbrook Engineering we all decided a 35ft Dalek made from straw would look pretty cool!

Our DaLICK towering over our famous field and can be seen from the Nantwich  - Chester A51 Road.

We believe it took around 700 man-hours to fabricate the steel frame, pack the straw and for the first time ever introduce moving parts and audio.

The feature is made from approximately 6 tons of straw and 5 tons of steel.

For the summer of 2013 we created a ‘DaLICK’ ice cream cone. A percentage of the sales from these cones have been donated to to Cancer Research UK. We chose to sponsor Cancer Research UK, in support of one of our key dairy team members Deb Nowak, who’s Father is currently undergoing treatment. In total we were pleased to donate over £3,000 to the cause. 

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